What We Do
We are an innovative tech company with a passion for creating unique brands & experiences.
Find out how we became the largest online dating company in Australasia
Our Apps

View of the Hud app screen on a smart phone.

Hud is a dating app like no other. With over 8 million users worldwide, we have created an innovative modern day virtual dating experience.

From finding someone for the night, or someone for life, use the unique Hud in-app features and tailor your dating experience to exactly what you're looking for.

Explore Virtual Dating with Video Chat, the My Bedroom feature, Voice, Photo and Video messaging and our Endless Scrolling Match Feed to find the perfect person, or people, for you.

Splash image of the Paths app on a smart phone.

Paths is an immersive visual story game app. The user takes makes their way through different stories, making their own choices and guiding their adventure in the direction they want.

Each story is beautifully designed to give the users a completely captivating experience. Through character customisation and decision making, the user gets to create a journey that is entirely their own.



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