At C & Z Tech, no two apps are the same. We pride ourselves on our modernisation in creating exciting user experiences.

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Hud is a dating app like no other. With over 8 million users worldwide, we have created an innovative modern day virtual dating experience.

From finding someone for the night, or someone for life, use the unique Hud in-app features and tailor your dating experience to exactly what you're looking for.

Explore Virtual Dating with Video Chat, the My Bedroom feature, Voice, Photo and Video messaging and our Endless Scrolling Match Feed to find the perfect person, or people, for you.


Endless Scrolling

Instead of having to swipe through singles one-by-one, users can see all the possible matches in their area at once thanks to the Hud scrolling match feed.

My Bedroom

Taking digital dating to the next level, My Bedroom is a completely unique feature to Hud. The My Bedroom features allows users to display their preferences in the bedroom. Opening up transparent communication between users as well as a unique way to test compatibility.


Hud is the first dating app to integrate with SAFE App, which offers cheaper STD checking and acts as an easy place to access and import your verified STD results.

Video Chat

In the interest of user safety and giving users control over their dating app experience, Hud's video chat has an innovative auto blur feature! When a video chat call begins, the cameras for both users are automatically blurred, allowing the users to begin their conversation with simply audio. Only once both users are comfortable being seen, will the camera's become unblurred. Users can also report other users for inappropriate behaviour directly from the call screen.

The Hud App Experience

The Hud chat screen offers several features to improve the overall chat experience. These features include: photo and video messages (with the same auto-blur functionality as video call), voice messages, and message reactions.


Paths is the newest app in the C&Z Tech family.

This immersive visual story game app takes users through different stories and on different adventures. From being stranded on a desert island, to finding out you're going to be a world class spy, to sailing on the high seas as a pirate, with Paths you can do it all.

The experience for each users is completely unique to them, they guide the story, design their character and make all the decisions along the way.

More stories and new adventures are consistently becoming available for Paths players.


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